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No Sugar Added & Nut Free Cacao Spread (aka “Chocolate Butter”)

There was a “crêpe day” at my son’s elementary school, and it was suggested that we bring a topping for it.  I thought about sending some bananas, but I ended up packing a jar of homemade “Cacao Spread” – aka “Chocolate Butter”.  Boy, was it ever a hit!  I received lovely comments from the kids… Read More No Sugar Added & Nut Free Cacao Spread (aka “Chocolate Butter”)

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Now that the summer has arrived, I started seeing lots of people drinking cold beverages such as juice and pops.  They are refreshing for those hot days, but have you thought about how much sugar you are intaking? Take a look at the photo below and a website that can give you some ideas for… Read More SUGAR

Healthy Eating

Cow Milk

Here is an article about Cow Milk that some of you might find it interesting. While I was growing up in Japan, I was always told that drinking milk (here indicates Cow Milk, we did not have any other alternative milks back then in Japan) makes you stronger and taller!  I remember drinking the cow… Read More Cow Milk

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Egg & Milk Free Banana Muffin

I just found a super duper easy recipe for Cocoa Banana Muffins that are egg & milk free! Here is the recipe and I used Rice flour instead of Whole wheat flour, added 1/2 cup blended Kale to fix the dryness you might get. I also added handful walnuts as well.  Enjoy! Tweet