I am not struggling with an eating disorder….or am I??

Have you had a moment that you craved for a taste of chocolate and ended up eating a whole chocolate bar? How did you feel right after? How did your body feel?
Were you disappointed in you for not being able to resist the crave, or not stopping with just one bite? Or, were you ashamed of yourself and decided to punish you by having more junks?

Well, did you know that this could be a sign of a struggle from an eating disorder? I’ve done it so long in the past, but I had never ever thought that I had an “disorder”. Now I know I did and I admit it, I totally had an eating disorder and suffered from some more eating disorders. What I did not know was that I needed look inside of me and heal my soul instead of worrying about the food I ate or clothes I was able to fit in.

So, if you ever have a moment you have an urge to eat something, just listen to your body. First, acknowledge your wisdom of being able to hear what your body was trying to tell you. Be proud of yourself. Instead of feeling guilty of possibly having a chocolate, praise yourself for noticing the need. This is very important.

Then, ask yourself, “What can I eat to meet my body’s needs. Could I have a healthier option? Could I start with a piece of chocolate and switch to a nice soothing warm tea? Will my body and soul be satisfied if I had a banana with some almond butter on it? Maybe a small bowl of plain yogurt with nutrition-loaded berries?”

Be kind to yourself and your body, if not for you, for me, please:)

More diets means more pounds?

“You can only hold your breath for so long. You can only starve yourself for so long.”

If you have been on a diet and are still on a diet, not reaching where you want to be, here is a great article by Dr. Mark Hyman.  On top of his research-based-suggestions, I think we need to change our way of THINKING about a relationship between food and our body before we can make a lifelong change for healthier version of ourselves.

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Enjoy and live a happy and healthy life that you deserve!


An effect of being a perfectionist?

Have you found yourself being a perfect vegetarian that you are so proud of, then finding yourself eating a piece of steak next day?  Because you just had that tiny bite, did you maybe decide to eat the whole cow, thinking, “What the heck, I have fallen off the wagon, I failed again!”.  At that moment, we you possibly disappointed with you, and even feeling a guilt of eating the meat?  Have you thought about, maybe, it is something to do with you being a perfectionist or controlling?

Compulsive eaters usually do not eat the gigantic amount of food because their body truly need it. They would often eat because their emotions are not in balance or fulfilled.  They would eat until they are too full or sick.  They would keep eating to puss away the guilt, disappointment or shame perhaps.  They would eat to fill in a deep hole inside of their heart.

If you find yourself eating the way that is “out of the rule”, take a deep breath and try to recognize the craving.  Allow yourself to acknowledge the need, praise yourself for being aware of what your body wanted.  You do not need to feel guilty, but focus on WHY you needed to eat the food.  Is it true that you should have avoided the food for all those days? What is your body trying to tell you showing the craving sign?  What was the lesson you could learn from it?
BE KIND to yourself instead of being mean to you and feeling guilty for what you ate. Really acknowledge the action you took and try to focus on finding the reason for the craving.  Maybe you can also find some alternative food if you really do not wish to eat certain foods.

It is my pleasure and honor to be there for you.  I will provide you a safe place for you to really listen to what you need.  Feel free to book a free consultation with me.  I will welcome you with no judgements.