Wishing you a happy new year!

I hope you had wonderful holiday seasons with your loved ones and recharged for the new year!

Body Karma has some big plans this year!
My family and I are planning to go to Japan for A YEAR from March 2015.  Since my kids are half Japanese, we would like them to experience some Japanese culture, and spend a lot of time with grandpa/grandma there.
I have a big mission to spread the word about health coaching, and help people who struggle with unhealthy eating habits and low self-esteem.  I would like to be a coach to let them know that they are worthy of any dreams they have, they have choices, they have rights to be a person who THEY want to be.  I would like to tell them that happiness comes from within, not from outside of the world nor materials.  Happy healthy life comes from the balanced lifestyle, not just one aspect of their lives.  I want to share many things, and I want to learn a lot.

New Year 2016

Wishing you abundant happiness, health, love, curiosity and imagination, and transition of your dreams into reality this year!!


Major change to be expected!

Hi everyone!  Hope you all are doing well.

Now that I am going into third trimester for baby #2, I will NOT be accepting any more clients, and thank you in advance for your understanding.

Also, I am thinking about a major change for this website along with the service I offer.
Meanwhile, I will keep posting health related information as well as baby, kids, and some others:)

Stay well and happy, everyone!

Happy Healthy 2012 to you all!

Hope you had an amazing year of 2011 and that you have a lot of excitements coming up in 2012!

For myself, last year was a GO-GO! year by taking all the opportunities…not quite sure if that was the best thing, so for this year, I have decided to take all the things slow but give deep thoughts on every opportunity I come across.  Practice what I preach is one of my new year’s resolutions.  Others?  Smile, Laugh, balance up “Body, Mind, and Soul”!


Photo Shoot!

I recently had a chance to meet with an amazingly talented photographer, Véronique da Silva from da Silva PHOTOGRAPHY.  I needed a head shot as well as a full shot for my work and @YukariP has recommended Véronique to me.  Véronique herself was very quick to reply my twitter and I instantly decided to use her service.

Véronique was very prompt for everything and she had a quick meeting with me prior to an actual shooting day to make sure that we were on the same page on the shooting and to give me lots of suggestions.  She has been involved with so many photo shoots including various events and charities, but she is extremely down to earth and she made my shooting very fun and relaxing.  I respect her very much with what she has done and of course the skills that she has.

If you ever look for a photographer in BC, I definitely recommend Véronique and you will not be sorry!!  And, here is about wonderful Véronique and photo of me which was taken by her:)

“Véronique da Silva is a portraiture, lifestyle and architecture photographer. Working with commercial and retail clients alike, from agencies to architects, Véronique brings 15 years of expertise and a unique, international eye to every shoot. Her work is modern, sophisticated, and articulate, with a high communication value. Collaborating with art directors and brainstorming with individual subjects from Vancouver to Miami, she consistently delivers both a high-calibre visual product and her unflinching creative professionalism.

New Hometown – Sidney, BC!

Gosh, it has been forever since we last posted a blog! Those who had visited for a new post, we apologize!
Hope you had a wonderful summer and getting ready for some family-fun-event season!

We are trying to settle in our new home in Sidney! We moved from Victoria (before Toronto, before that was from Tokyo!) and are absolutely loving it here! We had had lots of moves in our lives and we are so happy to be settling in a small community.
Although the size of the town is big, there are a lot of things Sidney can offer for all ages and it is just so convenient! We are a few minutes away from Beacon Avenue where has many nice cafes, bookstores, children’s boutique (Bubba Loo is a must see for me!), cute little shops (my favourite for now is WATERLiLY – www.waterlilyshoes.com), Buddies Toys, THREE major grocery stores, and more! Having a little one with me all the time makes it so easy to live here and if I need something that Sidney does not have, go online;)
There are lots of parks for your little ones or dogs, and paths for beautiful walks/runs as well!  We are working on some boot camp classes for next spring&summer for Moms&Baby, and possibly one for all ages and fitness levels!

If you have not had a chance to discover Sidney, we highly recommend to do so, and give us a shout for a quick coffee or a beautiful stroll, perhaps!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010 everyone! I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy new year!

Let me take a moment to quickly introduce ourselves.

I, Kanna, provide exercise and nutrition aspects of Body Karma. My husband, Colin, is in charge of the web design, photos, and all sorts of online functions.

I moved to Toronto from Tokyo in 2005 when Colin decided to come back to where he grew up.  Colin and I welcomed our son, Ryo, in 2009 and he is a very special addition to our family. He has been a very healthy and big baby (off the chart, actually!), way to go, Ryo!

The Body Karma Family

We have recently moved to Victoria on beautiful Vancouver Island, and are loving our lives here!


Check back often for updates!