Boost up your immune system

The H1N1 has (had?) been a big threat to the world and a lot of people are waiting for the shot for it, and you might be one of them.   The shot might be able to protect you from getting the flu (be aware!  Some might experience dull or achy feelings after the shot!), however; there are things that you could easily do at home to boost up your immune system – your nutrition.  One of the greatest immune builders is EFAs.  It stands for “Essential Fatty Acids” and literally they are essential to us!  Great sources for them are; cold water fish (ie; salmon), nuts (ie; walnuts) and seeds (ie; flaxseeds).  Meanwhile, try not to intake too much sugar as it can lower your immune system!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010 everyone! I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy new year!

Let me take a moment to quickly introduce ourselves.

I, Kanna, provide exercise and nutrition aspects of Body Karma. My husband, Colin, is in charge of the web design, photos, and all sorts of online functions.

I moved to Toronto from Tokyo in 2005 when Colin decided to come back to where he grew up.  Colin and I welcomed our son, Ryo, in 2009 and he is a very special addition to our family. He has been a very healthy and big baby (off the chart, actually!), way to go, Ryo!

The Body Karma Family

We have recently moved to Victoria on beautiful Vancouver Island, and are loving our lives here!


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