About Body Karma

Wishing you a happy new year!

I hope you had wonderful holiday seasons with your loved ones and recharged for the new year!

Body Karma has some big plans this year!
My family and I are planning to go to Japan for A YEAR from March 2015.  Since my kids are half Japanese, we would like them to experience some Japanese culture, and spend a lot of time with grandpa/grandma there.
I have a big mission to spread the word about health coaching, and help people who struggle with unhealthy eating habits and low self-esteem.  I would like to be a coach to let them know that they are worthy of any dreams they have, they have choices, they have rights to be a person who THEY want to be.  I would like to tell them that happiness comes from within, not from outside of the world nor materials.  Happy healthy life comes from the balanced lifestyle, not just one aspect of their lives.  I want to share many things, and I want to learn a lot.

New Year 2016

Wishing you abundant happiness, health, love, curiosity and imagination, and transition of your dreams into reality this year!!


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