A very interesting thing happened to me today…I was getting ready to go for a walk in the rain, I thought about packing light, but bring a credit card with me in case I decided to buy something along the way.  As I was putting it in my jacket’s outer pocket, I heard my voice saying “You should not put it in there, you will drop it.  Place it somewhere safer.”  I ignored the message and moved on.
Time went by and I was ready to put the credit card back to my wallet…and of course, I could not find it.  Yes, as I have “guessed”, I did drop it.  Slightly panicked, but somehow feeling confident, I started to look for the credit card.  I walked back all the streets I was on.  No luck.  I gave up and decided to call the credit card company.  As I was finishing the process of terminating the card and re-issuing a new one, I started hearing this voice…”As soon as you finish this call, you will find the card.”.  However, I ignored the voice again and finished all the thing I needed to get a new credit card.  Sure enough, as soon as I hang up the phone (literally, 5 seconds later!!), I saw the now-useless-credit-card on the ground!  I called the credit company asap to see if they could stop the process of terminating and reissuing, but no luck there either.
I think it was all my intuition trying to alert me certain things and I need to be more tuned with it.  I think it applies to all aspects of my life.  Have you heard or felt your intuition recently?


Once Steve Jobs said “Have the courage and intuition.  They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

So, how do you use your intuition?

Also, one of my favorite coaches out there, Marie Forleo, has some good things to say about intuition in this video (under 5 min).

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