Diets Don’t Work…then what?

When I used to be on diets (for over 20 years), approaches I took were always “all or nothing”.  With that, I would do well for a few days or a week, thinking I was successful and rocking the world.  Well, then you know how things go.  I would start feeling so stressed, have no energy, extremely irritated with the diet, I would cheat a bit, then a huge guilt would fall on me, and I would consider myself a failure.  That disappointment is so huge, that I would feel hopeless, I would binge, and gain back all the weight I’ve lost, if not weighing more than ever.  Not only it affected my weight, it deeply affected psychologically every time I ‘failed’.  My self esteem went lower and lower.  I became extremely self conscious about how people thought about me or looked at me.  I could go on and on for this vicious cycle, or I should just call ‘an eating disorder (which I never thought that I was suffering from it)’ but I am happy to say that I am in control with food, not that food is controlling my life.

Well, what did I do?  I needed some professional supporters, who could REALLY listen to me with NO JUDGEMENTS, being present with me, how and what I thought about myself, and carefully paid attention to my traumatic events I had not been able to share with anyone before because I was too ashamed of myself.  And this is what I am trained to be at this moment at Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

Also, it helped me to have recognized that everything should be in moderation, not being hard on myself, and I started to apply “90/10 Theory (a flexible approach to eating that strives for eating healthy foods 90% of the time and allowing 10% of the time to eat whatever you feel like eating.) “.   

We tend to focus on ‘what we could not do’, ‘what we should have done’, but make sure to look at the positive side of your achievements while you are on this theory, celebrate what you have done, maybe adding a piece of vegetable in a meal, or not having the second cookie;).  Writing a journal might encourage you to see the progress you’ve made (I enjoyed making some goals for the day and checking them off at the end of the day).
It also made a huge difference to have someone to hold accountable to while I was on the journey.  Find someone who is always there for you with no judgement, who can really listen to you, validate you, and sympathize you if necessary.  And you know, I am one of them.
Contact me if you need me.  I will be honored to support you.


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