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A power of well-boiled-water

I have talked about the importance of drinking room temperature water (with freshly squeezed lemon!) everywhere, but there is one thing I had not told anyone yet, until now.

“A power of well-boiled-water”

Very simple but it has lots of benefits as mentioned below.
-increase the ability of digestion, absorption, and metabolism
-helps to detoxify your body
-aids constipation
-reduces gassy feeling in your stomach*
-clears your skin*
-offers better sleep at night*
*If boiled up until the 1/4 of orignal amount of the water, see directions below 

Here is the direction to make the magic boiled water.
1) Boil the tap water in a clean big pot.
2) Boil it until the water is half of the original amount (should take for about 10 min).
3) If you have some more time, boil it till the water is 1/4 of original amount (should take            extra 5 min or so).
4) Pour them into the thermos or your favourite insulated tumbler(s).

How to drink:
-First thing in the morning (after rinsing your mouth)
-With meals and snacks, try to drink slow.
-About 1L/day.
-Once you can taste the sweetness from the water, it is a very good sign that
you are getting all those benefits from the water!

This information was shared while I was studying a bit of Ayurveda over 10 years ago.  I hadn’t practiced it for a while up until a few months ago.  One incident made me cut down on beloved Americano and I have been drinking this boiled water everyday.  My skin is looking better, I am feeling cleaner, and I do taste the sweetness from the water now.
Oh, also, I am less hungry and I have less desire to eat those junkies out there, so I am sure this magic water works for weight loss if that is one of your health goals!

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