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Display matters!

I have been back to Japan for a work and leisure!  There are so many amazing things to talk about, but for today, I just wanted to show you a traditional Japanese breakfast (ok, not so much of the foods themselves, but focus on the display here!) and you notice there are various SMALL plates.

Before the North American breakfast style, such as bread and cereal, became popular in Japan, there used to be more people eating this way;
1 grain, 1 soup, 1 protein, 2 veggies and/or fruits.
The idea is so healthy and just remembering the concept, you will automatically know what’s missing in your breakfast (and for lunch & dinner as well!).
Having many small plates makes you feel like you have more to eat, though you might be consuming less fat % than North American style.  Also, seeing lots of colors helps you feel brighter and satisfy you physiologically, like you probably are feeling now! 🙂  Why not give it a try sometime?  It does not have to be miso-soup.  You can start with a left over soup and all the left overs for all the plates to begin with if you like, but put them in the individual plates and enjoy the display!  Let’s see how you feel after the meal!

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