Leaky Gut

Have you ever heard of a term “leaky gut”?  You may not know what exactly it is, but it does not sound nice, does it?  Well, it sure is not something you would want to have in your body system and if you suffer from allerlgy, week immunity, low energy and any unknown chronic conditions, you might want to think about looking into your digestive system along with liver function.

Due to a possible already weakened immunity or not chewing enough, one might suffer from low stomach acid that will result in improper protein digestion.  Without the stomach acid which is responsible for protein digestion, improper protein digestion will occur (maldigestion).  Once these improperly digested proteins reach the small intestine level, they will not be able to be absorbed into the blood stream because of their size.  They will have a tendency to elicit a local low inflammatory process.  Meanwhile, it will lead to enlargement of the spaces between the small intestine’s cells and, a condition called Leaky Gut will be created.
The incomplete protein digestion allows for a breakdown of proteins by bacteria, which increase the likelihood of allergic reactions due to the toxic by-products that the breakdown of proteins by bacteria entails.
Leaky Guy will allow these indigested proteins and toxins to leave the intestinal into the blood, and the following consequences will appear:
Overloaded Liver, since the liver has to deal with the toxins circulating in the blood.
Overloaded Immune System
, as the cells of the immune system will try to get rid of  “abnormal” structures.  It opens the door to development of allergies.

The first thing you can do to treat this condition is to cleanse your liver by drinking a lot of (at least 8 oz per day) water with a few drops of squeezed lemon.  If you are willing to work on your diet, reduce animal meat, especially bigger sized ones (i.e. cow and pork), and increase beans and legumes.  And, chew at least 20 time PER scoop!

Now, if you are open to taking some supplement, I would recommend L-Glutamine.  A lot of people, especially who exercise a lot tend to take it to recover or delay onset of muscle soreness, but it is also used to treat Leaky Gut:) Start with a scoop for 3 times per day.  In between meals are ideal, so I like to add a scoop to a water bottle.

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