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Dairy-Free Milk

As I was stroller walking along those blue recycling boxes, I noticed something new…there are more health minded families, drinking Almond Milk!  A few years ago, finding Almond Milk used to be a challenge unless you are at a health store, and you really could not find a cafe where served Almond Milk (possibly Soy Milk back then).  Now, I think it is safe to say that almost all the grocery stores in Victoria and Sidney, BC carry Almond Milk and Soy Milk.  Your store might even carry Rice Milk and Hemp Milk.

Now, a common question I get is “which one is the best to drink”?  Well, I believe it all depends on what kind of benefits you would like to get from Dairy-Free Milk.  Here is a very easy and quick summarize (benefits) for you.

Lower in sugar & calories: Almond Milk
Higher in protein: Soy Milk
Higher in Fibre: Soy Milk
Higher in Omega 3: Hemp
Least likely to be allergic to: Rice Milk (this tends to be higher in sugars & calories and lower in protein though)

Now, when you are choosing a Dairy-Free Milk, the best way is to select an unsweetened one.  The sweetened ones are usually loaded with an evaporated cane juice (sugar) and it could be a product’s 2nd ingredient after purified water!   I personally like to rotate unsweetened original Almond, Hemp and Soy milk in my diet.  If you miss some sweetness from milk, you can just add unpasteurized honey or agave along with cinnamon!

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