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Laura’s Lunch Box

I have had an amazing energy exchange with Laura, a vegan chef and an educator from Inspiring Vegan based in Victoria, BC and I had to share this amazing experience with you!
How it worked was to pick up the lunches and snacks on Monday and Wednesday at Laura’s place.  The lunches were extremely healthy with various nutrition in them, and it was absolutely hard to believe that they were all vegan!  Here are some examples of what Laura has offered!
Lunch 1 – Spring Salad Mix with Tahini Dressing
Lunch 2 – Red Lentil & Yam Curry with Basmati Rice
Lunch 3 – Carrot Ginger Cashew Soup (picture below!)
I also loved her goodies, Bliss Balls so much.  These babies are very addictive and I am always craving for Laura’s Bliss Balls.
Thank you, Laura, for this amazing experience and if you would like to know more about Laura’s lunch box, visit her website!

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