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Photo Shoot!

I recently had a chance to meet with an amazingly talented photographer, Véronique da Silva from da Silva PHOTOGRAPHY.  I needed a head shot as well as a full shot for my work and @YukariP has recommended Véronique to me.  Véronique herself was very quick to reply my twitter and I instantly decided to use her service.

Véronique was very prompt for everything and she had a quick meeting with me prior to an actual shooting day to make sure that we were on the same page on the shooting and to give me lots of suggestions.  She has been involved with so many photo shoots including various events and charities, but she is extremely down to earth and she made my shooting very fun and relaxing.  I respect her very much with what she has done and of course the skills that she has.

If you ever look for a photographer in BC, I definitely recommend Véronique and you will not be sorry!!  And, here is about wonderful Véronique and photo of me which was taken by her:)

“Véronique da Silva is a portraiture, lifestyle and architecture photographer. Working with commercial and retail clients alike, from agencies to architects, Véronique brings 15 years of expertise and a unique, international eye to every shoot. Her work is modern, sophisticated, and articulate, with a high communication value. Collaborating with art directors and brainstorming with individual subjects from Vancouver to Miami, she consistently delivers both a high-calibre visual product and her unflinching creative professionalism.

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