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Santé Gluten-Free Café

I am very excited to introduce this cute new completely gluten free cafe, Santé Gluten-Free Café in Victoria, BC!  It was suggested by my very talented friend, Laura, who is an owner of Inspiring Vegan.

The atmosphere was very cozy and VERY spacious.  I was there with my son, who was napping in his stroller, and I was comfortably able to walk through anywhere from the entrance to the washroom (and it is VERY spacious with a diaper change table!  VERY nice!).

I had Organic Quinoa and Tofu Salad and wow!  It was delicious!  I make a lot of Quinoa salad, but never thought about combining Tofu in it.  Very refreshing and tasty salad with loads of amazing nutrition.  I also had “try me” goodies including some cookies and they tasted “healthy” but not “too healthy” if you know what I mean.  They are definitely sweet enough to satisfy your sugar crave, but not too sweet to the degree when you can’t taste anything but sugar!

I will definitely come back to this cafe and look forward to trying more from their menu!

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  1. Gluten-free fad diets have recently become popular. A 2012 study concluded “There is no evidence to suggest that following a gluten-free diet has any significant benefits in the general population. Indeed, there is some evidence to suggest that a gluten-free diet may adversely affect gut health in those without celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.;

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