Exercise, Post Natal

Stroller Jog:

I had a chance to stroller-jog with a gorgeous mom, Heather, last week.  Heather had her baby girl 8 months ago and she had been waiting to exercise since the birth she said.  I recruited her at a café, to run with me the very next day.  Timing is always the key to start something new!  Heather was very excited and yet worried with this idea.  I pretty much forced her to say yes and promised her that she won’t regret with her decision.
We started off by walking, speeding up gradually, and by the time our heart  beats were high enough, we began jogging for 3 minutes and fast walked for 5 minutes.  During the run, we focused on Heather’s breathing skills (“In-in-out”) and I tried to give a very important awareness – the use of abdominal muscles.  Whatever the movement you make, you should be consciously using your abs as they are literally core muscles of your body and release essential power for the movements you are about to make.   Always be reminded that your body is ALL connected.  I told Heather to squeeze her tummy as she exhaled and imagine to step forward from her abdominal muscles.  After several attempts, Heather was able to tell the differences when she was using her abs or not, and she was quite surprised with the result.  If you are pushing something while you run, this is especially important as it is easy to use wrong muscles and get injured or have bad muscle aches later on.
Heather ended up walking and jogging for 30 minutes after all☺  Well done and keep it up!!

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