Exercise, Post Natal

Hint of Post Natal Exercise:

After a week or so of having a baby, mothers usually start feeling better about their bodies.  After a month or two, they would crave for some exercises to get back into shape or just to feel better.
The biggest challenge for a new-born-mom is to find time to exercise.  She does not even have enough time for the washroom, then how the heck does she find her time for exercising?  Well, the best answer for my case was to do so WITH my new born.
Very easy abdominal exercise I recommend is a plank when you change baby’s diaper!  I used to change my son on a diaper change table.  Instead, use a diaper change pad or a blanket on the floor and after you change your baby, plank over your baby talk to her while you work on your abs!  It can even be 20 seconds per plank to begin with, but think about how many times you change the diapers!  Need more advice for exercise?  Contact us!

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