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Getting back to pre-pregnancy body #2:

Yes, I have mentioned to be ready before giving a birth if you wanted to get back into shape, however, it is never too late if you missed that opportunity.  If you are already a mom, why not involve your baby?  If your baby is happy being in a stroller, you could stroller walk (imagine pushing your stroller with your abdominal muscles, but not hands or shoulders!) – power walk and lunging walk will give you great exercises as well.  Attending a stroller fit class in your area would be a great idea as well.  If you live in Victoria, BC, there is one at Mayfair Mall on Wednesdays from 9:15am.  I used to teach this class and it gives you great exercise opportunity and you get to meet new moms!
If your baby is mobile, I’m pretty sure you are getting good amount of exercise by chasing her!  You can add squats, deep squats, and lunges for a quick strength training whenever and wherever you can.  While you are doing them, if your baby is not too heavy, hold her with your arms straight, shoulders relaxed and back muscles squeezed.  For more personalized exercises, or a personal training with your baby at home, contact us.

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