Biking from Sidney to Victoria….!!!

If you have had a chance to read a blog Colin wrote on June 2, 2010 “How did it come to this?“, you know that he had some points that he wanted to improve for healthier lifestyle.
Well, he has done tremendous job on it!  He has been BIKING (yes, BICYCLE!) from Sidney to his office in downtown Victoria!
According to a data he has given me, he bikes 28km (EACH WAY) for an hour and 6 minutes!  This is an absolutely amazing workout and I can see his body changing (appearance and inside as well) already.

  • His clothes fit differently – shows you that his body fat has gone down!  As you gain muscles (even lean ones), they are heavier than body fat, hence; you may experience a slight body weight gain in the process of weight loss.  Do not discouraged, but keep checking body fat %, water % (aim for 60%!), and how your clothes fit (nobody except you can tell your weight anyways!).
  • He craves more “clean” foods in general – proteins from fish, tofu, bean and legumes.  Avoiding processed foods, frozen foods, or any additives.  Trying to include fresh vegetables and fruits per meal, less alcohol&sweets!  Small step per meal makes a HUGE difference in your life time.
  • His energy level is much better! – He must be exhausted physically after all those bikings, but it is so true that when you are fit (or in better shape), you do get more energy, feel positive and happier overall!

Way to go, Colin!!

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