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New Hometown – Sidney, BC!

Gosh, it has been forever since we last posted a blog! Those who had visited for a new post, we apologize!
Hope you had a wonderful summer and getting ready for some family-fun-event season!

We are trying to settle in our new home in Sidney! We moved from Victoria (before Toronto, before that was from Tokyo!) and are absolutely loving it here! We had had lots of moves in our lives and we are so happy to be settling in a small community.
Although the size of the town is big, there are a lot of things Sidney can offer for all ages and it is just so convenient! We are a few minutes away from Beacon Avenue where has many nice cafes, bookstores, children’s boutique (Bubba Loo is a must see for me!), cute little shops (my favourite for now is WATERLiLY – www.waterlilyshoes.com), Buddies Toys, THREE major grocery stores, and more! Having a little one with me all the time makes it so easy to live here and if I need something that Sidney does not have, go online;)
There are lots of parks for your little ones or dogs, and paths for beautiful walks/runs as well!  We are working on some boot camp classes for next spring&summer for Moms&Baby, and possibly one for all ages and fitness levels!

If you have not had a chance to discover Sidney, we highly recommend to do so, and give us a shout for a quick coffee or a beautiful stroll, perhaps!

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